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Searching for a tablet, any recommendations?

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Searching for a tablet, any recommendations?

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Nis 05 11:13

Hello all,

I noticed a similar thread below, but my needs are quite a bit different than the poster's. That being said...

I was able to take advantage of a T-Mobile promotion to add an additional line for free. This promotion coincided with receiving a free Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from my mother...she won it in a golf tournament and already had a better model.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the tablet I received is an older model and it does not support 4G/LTE. This renders the extra line useless, as I planned on using it for an extra 10GB of mobile hotspot (and for unlimited 4G data on the tablet itself). I don't have home internet as it is quite useless in my location (currently DSL is only at 3MB...I investigated other options but they don't work for me either). The mobile hotspot is essentially my home internet other than just working off my mobile devices, which obviously doesn't work for every situation. With 3 mobile devices, I would have 30GB per month allotment instead of 20GB I currently have with my two smart phones.

So, I need to find a tablet that is 4G / LTE capable, and compatible with T-Mobile / unlocked. I looked at what T-Mobile offers on their website, and all of them were too small or Apple (no interest in their products). I'm looking for at least a 10.1 inch screen, that is what my current tablet has and it is pretty small for my larger hands (plan on using a keyboard case). I noticed a nice but expensive Samsung tablet with a 12 inch screen, but it turns out it is Windows based, so that won't work for me. I'm mostly familiar with Samsung devices as they are all I have used for many years now...but perhaps someone might have some insight on other brands of tablets that might work for me? Or perhaps a Samsung model that is no longer offered by T-Mobile or on the Samsung website (I looked there)? I'm OK with a used tablet as long as I can find one in good condition, and I am hoping to spend no more than $500. About the best thing I have been able to find searching Ebay and Amazon is the Galaxy Tab S with a 10.5 inch screen, unfortunately most are a bit worn as far as condition.
please help.

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https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/se ... s.2502187/

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