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Former Juventus man slams Donnarumma's tears

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Former Juventus man slams Donnarumma's tears

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Former Juventus goalkeeper, Stefano Tacconi, spoke to ANSA about Gianluigi Donnarumma's shocking performance against Juventus in the www sbobet Coppa Italia final.
"The talent is there, but he needs to work on certain fundamentals. Starting with his legs, there is always a very wide gap between the two."
Donnarumma made two unforgivable mistakes against Juventus, failing to parry a weak effort from Douglas Costa on the second goal, while dropping the www sbobet ball only for Benatia to pounce on the third. Tacconi also criticised the youngster for his tears at the end of the game.
"You never leave the field crying, it's a sign of weakness. You must go out with your head held high. In certain matches, one mistake is enough to ruin everything," Tacconi concluded.
The Rossoneri will certainly feel www sbobet hard done by, as they played on par with the Bianconeri for most of the game. Certainly leaves a bitter taste, knowing what could've been without Donnarumma's errors.

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