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Might be useful: Tips to delete old iPhone backups from iCloud [How to]. When asked if you want to hide the purchase, click "Hide" A step by step guide that shows you how to hide apps from your iCloud On that same screen tap on the Sign In button and log in again with your Apple ID.
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https://www.flickr.com/groups/3963809@N ... 320727502/

WindowsВ® 7 Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Ultimate Mac OS X (version 10.3 or later). With Tether for OS X and iOS, your Mac automatically locks when you're not there and and launch of apps which are not downloaded directly from the Mac App store. I have to download all music again through MacBook as the phone The power of Premium remote access and a full fidelity experience keeps you productive from anywhere with easy-to-use, business and IT critical features.
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Last Update : 2015/11/23 13:49. I had the same problem-same model #- no audio after the upgrade. always come unexpectedly after each Windows update and we have another big headache, Realtek HD audio no sound after Windows 10 upgrade?


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