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It is being called the worst play call in the history

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It is being called the worst play call in the history

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American professional sports Zach Gentry Jersey , as dumb a decision as has ever been made in a big-game situation. The Seattle Seahawks were one yard away from defeating the New England Patriots and winning Super Bowl XLIX when quarterback Russell Wilson curiously dropped back to pass. Instead of throwing a ball toward the corner of the end zone that either would have resulted in a touchdown or an incomplete pass, Wilson went over the middle and threw a pass into traffic that was intercepted, the turnover that guaranteed victory for the Patriots.Not running the ball in that scenario would have been a questionable call for any National Football League team. The Seahawks did not, on Super Bowl Sunday, have any standard running back in the team's backfield. Seattle had Marshawn Lynch L.J. Collier Jersey , arguably the most punishing back in the league who nearly scored on first down from the five-yard line, and the Seahawks also had three opportunities to pick up a single yard via the ground game. Seattle nevertheless opted to pass the football, and that decision will live on as one that cost a team a championship that was well within its grasp.There are times when bad decisions such as a poor draft selection or a regrettable action on the field can eventually be repaired and forgotten. That will not be the case for Seattle head coach Pete Carroll and for the previously mentioned Wilson. While those two have already been to the mountaintop of pro football, they will, until they once again win a Super Bowl http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/marquise-blair-jersey-authentic , be remembered for being responsible for the worst decision in the history of the sport. They will live on in infamy, almost as if that Super Bowl victory over the Denver Broncos never happened at all. Now coming to the close of the 2017 NFL season, it has become clear which players are currently in advantageous situations, and which ones are scrambling to leave their incumbent team. For some of the league's most notable skill players, they're stuck in circumstances that are not conducive to their success D.K. Metcalf Jersey , and it's beginning to have a negative affect on their career. Most of these players still have a fair amount of time left to go in their careers, but they need to find themselves in a. favorable situation soon, or bear the consequences that comes from playing in an ill-suited system.While moves can be made in the upcoming offseason concerning these players--and undoubtedly will--a few will end up being stuck for at least another season. Quick turnover can't always happen for everyone in the league that needs it, and as a result we'll see some of these players continue to suffer even longer. Let's take a look at which skill players will be seeking a new team to play for, to rid themselves of their bad situation.Ranked below are 8 NFL wide receivers and 7 running backs who need a new home.

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