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It's one of the most high-profiles aspects of every offseason

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It's one of the most high-profiles aspects of every offseason

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Over the past few years Khari Willis Jersey , we've seen the NFL free agent market become one of inflation and constant bidding wars.and we always see some of the biggest names in the sport change teams. But sometimes the decision to sign with a certain team doesn't always work out ideally for the player. Often, money plays a big role in the decision Josh Allen Jersey , or getting back together with a specific coach. While it helps the player's situation in the short-term, they ultimately prove to cloud judgement for players who clearly should have gone somewhere else.Recently, we've seen numerous examples of this. Some big-name free agent signings haven't proved to work out Jawaan Taylor Jersey , and as a result the player is now stuck in a difficult situation. We can also look at a few signings from this offseason and project a subpar outcome. So let's take a look at some of the worst signings from the past few years, and determine where the player in question should have signed instead. Needless to say, they should have thought it through a bit more.Ranked below are 15 terrible recent NFL signings Josh Oliver Jersey , and where they should have gone instead. The Panthers say two-time All-Pro center Ryan Kalil plans to retire after the 2018 season when his contract expires.

Panthers spokesman Steven Drummond confirmed the news on Tuesday.

Kalil becomes the second long-time Panthers player to announce he is retiring after next season. Outside linebacker Thomas Davis told NFL.com earlier this month the 2018 season will be his last.

Kalil, who turns 33 in March, was plagued by neck and shoulder injuries the last two seasons that limited him to 14 games. He had hoped to play more after the Panthers signed his younger brother Matt Kalil to play left tackle last offseason.

Kalil has started 129 games during his 11 seasons with the Panthers and been to five Pro Bowls. He was named All-Pro in 2013 and 2015.

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