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How do you animate multiple run/walk/idle cycles in Maya?

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How do you animate multiple run/walk/idle cycles in Maya?

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Tem 13 15:59

So I have been desperately trying to research this and I see all kinds of methods being talked about in regards to exporting animations and so on, even looking at the similar topics page it's filled with people asking how to save and export their animations. What I want to know is how do you actually animate multiple animations for one character? I have a basic human model and skeleton and I really want to have a play around with animations but I don't even know how to get extra animations on my model without overwriting the animation I've already done.

I realise this is a Unity forum but I tried asking for help on the Autodesk forums and people didn't even answer, they still haven't answered even weeks after the thread was made.

What are the methods you use?

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