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How do I run a dc motor slowly?

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How do I run a dc motor slowly?

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Tem 29 13:57

I'm an electronics noob. and so far started on the simple stuff like LED chaser circuits, etc.

I now want to start a project for a model that requires a small 3v dc motor to run slowly in the order of about 8 rpm, powered by AA batteries. There isn't much room in the model so it needs to be a tiny motor (which I already have but don't have to use it) and there will be negligible load. So as not to ruin the effect it needs to be as silent as possible so using screaming gears to achieve the slow rotation would be no good. I thought about using a PWM speed controller but I don't know whether at that low speed there'll be enough torque to even overcome the tiny amount of static friction in the system (it won't be possible to spin it up to get it going). I also thought about using a small 2 phase stepper motor with a driver circuit I could build but would the motion be too jerky and the current drain be too high for the small batteries to cope with?

On the face of it, it doesn't appear to be anything very complicated but it's proving tricky to achieve. Any advice or ideas please?

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