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Build Complete (New Photo)

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Build Complete (New Photo)

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Tem 12 11:02

My only issue is that the motherboard header for the power switch was mislabeled as to + and -, both on the board and in the documentation. It's possible that the labeling is correct, but the board itself is miswired (misprinted, whatever the term is). Possibly the board design itself changed, but they never updated the print on the front of the board or the documentation.
It's either that or all three of the prior boards I've had in this case were all wrong the same way. Reversing the polarity from the indicated way worked just fine, though. Other than that, it booted up fast and clean. Windows didn't even hiccup when I started - it said I had a "device change" and wanted to know if I wanted to be able to access programs from one computer to another across my network, but other than that, nothing.
Thanks for the help, guys. I really appreciate it.

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