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Macbook Pro win't boot

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Macbook Pro win't boot

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Ağu 04 10:26

A few days ago my 2011 Macbook Pro would not boot. It worked fine the day before. I have tried recovery mode and diagnostic boot but it will not do anything. It turns on, I see the Apple logo and boot sound. The boot progress bar starts to show progress but either freezes about 3/4 of the way and stops or goes to a white screen. Weird thing is that while attempting to boot numerous times, it did successfully boot up once and worked fine, but that was the one and only time.

I installed Macdrive 10 and put the Macbook HDD in a drive reader. However, Macdrive apparently can't read a Core Volume Mac drive. I was thinking about trying to borrow a mac and attempt target boot mode and see what happens. I really need to get some files and invoices from the computer and I can't find software that will read the core volume mac HDD.

Anyone have any other ideas for me to try? FYI, I upgraded the RAM about a year ago and upgraded the HDD to a 1TB WD drive several months ago.

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