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CMS Alternatives to WordPress

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CMS Alternatives to WordPress

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Tem 01 13:07

Wondering what options folks are using today for Content Management Systems on websites, to provide to customers who want to maintain their own website? Looking for a non-WordPress solution. We had been using Adobe Contribute for a low price point option, but are throwing in the towel with Contribute and need to find a viable alternative...

We have a custom developed CMS for our larger websites, but the price point for this is out of reach for some of our customers. Ideally need a low cost CMS for small business websites.

Update: I realize we may be over-engineering what we're doing here. It sounds like most people build their CMS sites using WordPress or SquareSpace. Those are currently not options for me, that is a business management decision outside of my control (I have lobbied for both those solutions many times).

For more details, see here : Video Marketing Services

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