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Linux Ubuntu 11.04 not even booting to desktop stage?

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Linux Ubuntu 11.04 not even booting to desktop stage?

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Ağu 02 17:00

i had been using windows vista for so many years without problem now using windows 7. But just a week ago my pc due to as usual summer temperatures of bombay crashed HD my windows vista. So i was searching for my windows vista booting cd. And i found linux 9.04 bootable cd which i thought lets see what inside could do? So i checked it found it was a DVD which turned formatted by ntfs system to ext3 filesystem. Now i was not sure what was earlier this all about, and now i was in trouble as the ubuntu 9.04 was taking more than 7 hours to even start the initial stages of fresh os install. I then tried diskpart to convert format filesystem from ext3 to again ntfs system but still unyielding. So then i searched for a later version of ubuntu on a 2009 retailer pc mag cd. So i then burnt a bootable cd of ubuntu 11.04 and booted it to my pc system which i found quick took 12 hours to complete install with filesystem conversion to ext4. Now then i first booted the ubuntu 11.04 it started the maroon screen with booting options but later stuck up hanged with blank screens cursors with some system sequence initializations. Now i checked over the net if any others users had such experiences as they had graphics system inability issues. So i did edit the resolve for to change the booting screen to e' menu perhaps system command lines, and set flash to momodest as suggested for my card nvidia. But still after pressing f10 it doesn't saves and continues the same loop sequence of not booting correctly and slowing initializations.
So can you advise me to correct this or should how then i convert to ntfs to install windows 7 or vista as my HD is still in good condition?
I just luckily booted after more than 15mins. to desktop but it doesn't giving any smooth working cursor conditions but slow response to opening clicking of programs and pages!! And its also showing that HD is failing drive?!!!
My processor speed and RAM i think are enough to operate it!! So whats the lagging issue i am failing to understand...!!
Or is it the thermistor, diodes and capicitors on the mobo, which are heatup elements slowing down the system....?

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