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Music Collaboration and the 222 Music story

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Music Collaboration and the 222 Music story

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Haz 29 16:50

Talking to Los Angeles based duo production team consisting of platinum songwriter Chris Landon (Jennifer Paige and Taylor Dayne) and Songwriter/recording artist Szilva Vecserdy, it didn’t take long for me to feel that these guys have a well oiled partnership. With their production company 222 Music Group, a result of this collaboration, they have build up a solid asset base of songs that have been successfully licensed to other artists, films (Burn after Reading) and television series (Ghost Whisperer).
Both Szilva and Chris have their roots outside of LA. Chris is from north of the border, being from Montreal Canada, and Szilva is from Melbourne Australia. The connection was initially made online, and it was also timing that brought them together, as they were both looking for collaborators at the time. For Szilva, she had worked with other producers and songwriter’s in a quest for looking for that ‘connection and chemistry’. “You either have it or you don’t”, she recalls, “Chris and I hit it off from the word go”.

Complimentary skills are important with any collaboration, having strengths that work together is key. Szilva brings a solid lyrical contribution and classically trained voice into the mix, and Chris is strong with the technical side of production. “The songwriting process floats between Chris and I, with ideas fluidly moving between us.”, Szilva adds.

Their style of music is for the mainstream audience, which that electric rock sound and edgy feel. Szilva describes it as “Mainstream with a twist” and “Dirty Pop” Whilst mainstream music is heavily dependent on airplay, Szilva does not waste any time sitting around and waiting for that breakthrough on the airwaves, she leads a full band that actively plays the live gigs in the LA circuit.

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