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Nokia 920, Backup CONTACTS withOUT CLOUD

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Nokia 920, Backup CONTACTS withOUT CLOUD

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Tem 27 09:42


This question is probably ancient by now.

I simply want to backup my Contacts to my PC directly, manually, via usb or Bluetooth, NO CLOUD!

There's rampant freeware out there to do just about anything you want.
No backup software I can find to facilitate the simple of backing up my Contacts directly to my PC.

They make it easy as hell to access every useless piece of crap data I've got on my phone, images, music, you name it yet the ability to backup the absolutely most precious and time consuming thing to replace, my contacts, is deliberately neglected.

Gee if I didn't know MicroShaft & my Government weren't so benign and caring about my privacy I'd almost think they were actually repressing this sort of software development just to drive all us cattle to use their damnable Cloud.

Any advice on how to do this would be much appreciated.

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