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Benefits of Sunbathing

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Benefits of Sunbathing

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Haz 24 16:58

Sunbathing and tanning often get a bad rap in our society, but mounting evidence is revealing that moderate sun exposure at healthy levels is not only safe, but necessary. While burning and extreme sun exposure can lead to a slightly increased cancer risk, Vitamin D (obtained from sun exposure) has been linked to a lower risk of many other cancers.
Personally, I very rarely wear sunscreen, and only if I am going to be out for an extended period before I build up tolerance for the year. When I do, I only use homemade sunscreen bars or other natural options. Isn’t this dangerous? Not in my opinion and even with a risk of skin cancer in my family I don’t worry at all about regular daily sun exposure without sunscreen… here’s why:

From my research and own experience, I’ve found that the foods I consume have a direct effect on how my skin reacts to the sun. Some foods (like grains and vegetable oils) easily lead to burning, while others (like FCLO and coconut oil) let me stay out for hours. Statistically, skin cancer rates continue to rise, despite the fact that we are (as a whole) spending less time in the sun and wearing more sunscreen. Diet can play a key role here, but it is also important to consider that most sunscreen contain a host of chemicals including a toxic form of Vitamin A that has been linked to skin cancer.

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