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Mourinho was not pleased with his team

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Mourinho was not pleased with his team

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IF THEY cannot crack a Crystal Palace, what chance have Manchester United of breaking into the well-fortified citadel of maxbet the top four? The answer is no chance if they keep playing without, as their manager put it in a damning post-match character assessment, the “heart” required at this level. United were dismal once again against a spirited – and frankly better – Palace side who might wonder how, given the chances they created, they did not walk away with three points. And after rightly questioning the maxbet character of some of his players, Mourinho warned a repeat against Young Boys tomorrow night could leave United’s Champions League hopes on a knife edge. It was doubly disappointing for Mourinho that Victor Lindelof, one of the few to avoid his ire, finished with a groin strain that is likely to rule him out of his side’s penultimate Group H fixture.
“I believe he is hurt,” said Mourinho, below.
“He was a brave lad but he probably maxbet punished himself [in playing on after three substitutions had been made]. I don’t know how long he will be out, but he is a fantastic example.” On Friday, Mourinho issued his rallying call about cracking the top four by the end of December and this was not what he had in mind.
“I thought we started really well but when you play to win matches, you don’t stop until you win,” he said.
“We were playing well but we gave them periods of time, periods to break and feel that they were in control. We were not intense. We lost the ball. We gave them time to breathe.”

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