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Well, we made the plunge and bought an HDTV

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Well, we made the plunge and bought an HDTV

Mesaj#1 » 2017 May 24 12:08

It's a 60" Samsung 6240. It's a SmartTV, 120 mHz, We got a BluRay DVD player, plus the Shaw PVR and the Apple TV for web access (plus all the darn cables). The bill came to about $3600 but they brought it down to $2550 with all the discounts, then we added in 3 yrs of warranty, something we don't normally do, but with all this electro-technology, who knows? I've had a camera and phone go on the blink. It will arrive on the 11th and the install will be, not sure yet, but before the 16th. But we bit the bullet and got into the 21st century! I'm really excited about the PVR - replay a goal, replay what someone said if you missed it - love that idea. And we can download up to 500 mB of shows, not that I've ever done that, but...

We spent about 3.5 hours in two stores getting all the info on the tvs, then negotiating. I'm exhausted. The salesmen at both stores said that Sharp made the innards for Sony and this year they're not very good. Both recommended the Samsung (I really wanted the one with the dimming) or the LG.

Soz, have you decided yet?

Please Help.
Thanks !

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