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Which satellite finder is best ?

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Which satellite finder is best ?

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Nis 03 12:39

There are many inexpensive satellite meters available (search ebay) that simply measure total signal power from the satellite, as seen in the L band cable from the LNB. These meters respond to virtually all satellites and will enable you to accurately peak up the pointing. They do not help with polarisation adjustment or identifying which satellite is which and are not suitable for satellites that have only a few weak signals.

Significantly more expensive meters that identify satellites need to be pre-programmed with some details unique to the satellite, such as a particular carrier and its frequency. These meters can be very useful for installers who repeatedly need to find the same satellite. There is some initial learning to do in setting up the meter. If only used infrequently there will some doubt about whether or not the carrier programming is up to date. Remember that the meter, like a satellite TV receiver, tunes across L band 950-2050 MHz and assumes some LNB local oscillator frequency and the spectrum inverted or otherwise. If you intend to use such a meter I suggest that you test first, at your base, before you visit the customer site using the same type LNB as to be used on site.
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