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Let us know what you do and what works ?

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Let us know what you do and what works ?

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Ağu 17 09:50

Does anyone know if dremel makes an attachment that would alow one to gring out the ring?
I was concerned about a penetrating oil and tried just a small amount and the ring would not budge. I tried to move it with an awl but I feel that something like a dental pick might be better. I'll soak it overnight and see if it loosens up.
I promise to post once I come to a solution.
I'd be concerned about a coating of WD-40 on parts that'll come in contact with brew water but the rust has to be penetrated and loosed up somehow. You could try a light coating of WD-40, giving it a bit of time to penetrate then placing the part in a warm water or CLR bath. The bath might help loosen things up without having to use too much lube. Once you get the ring loose you're probably going to clean everything up really well while it's apart and that should take care of the WD-40.

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