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Nice: No offer for Balotelli...yet

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Nice: No offer for Balotelli...yet

Mesaj#1 » 2018 Tem 12 09:41


Marseille look like they’re in pole position to sign Mario Balotelli all right, but they have yet to table an offer for him! The shocking sbobet88888 revelation comes from Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivière’s, as he watched France beat Belgium 1-0 in Saint Petersburg in the World Cup semi-final. While inside the club a source is reported to have said: “I promise you that I haven’t received an offer from OM”, Rivière told Infosport+ that “I don’t think sbobet88888 it will be long until they [Marseille] contact us, but we haven’t yet. Marseille called me fifteen days ago to tell me: ‘So, is it possible?’ I answered: ‘No problem, he can leave.’
“Now, we need to talk about the details. I am waiting for Marseille to call me. For now, I have not had any offers on my desk for sbobet88888 Mario.” Balotelli - who scored nearly 50 goals in all comps for Le Gym over two seasons - is expected to move to Marseille, and didn’t initially show up to pre-season training. He was also spotted in Marseille recently discussing the terms of his move with OM.

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