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Most Popular Engagement Ring designs

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Most Popular Engagement Ring designs

Mesaj#1 » 2017 May 25 12:22

When people preparing for engagement they will look for certain things such as clothes, event management to make the engagement more beautiful. In that list, the Engagement Ring designs occupy the first place. The Engagement Ring is the first thing to look on. But everyone wants to be unique and dazzling diamond rings.

Are you looking for the unique Engagement Ring Ideas? If yes, this is the article for you where you can find the list of engagement ring designs which are the latest trend in the market.

1) Rose Gold engagement ring

Rose gold engagement ring is more popular in the current diamond market. It is the rare diamond ring which provides the unique look and your girl will like as pink is the feminine colour.

2) Colorfull diamonds

Choosing the colorful diamond is one of the best engagement ring ideas. Normally the diamonds are available in various colour such as grey-white, yellow, pink, blue, red and green. Pink, yellow, blue are the most expensive diamonds.

3)Floral Accents

To obtain the best engagement ring designs you can choose floral, vines, petals and some other designs for woman engagement ring. The halo floral design will give the perfect feminine look.

4) Double shank design

Double shank is the best design which comes with the two shank on the side of the diamonds. This metal mounting needs more small diamonds. In that case, you can purchase the cheap diamonds for halo round.

5) Vintage Design

The vintage diamond cut provides the extra sparkling and modern look. It includes various diamond cut such as cushion cut, round cut, oval cut and so on. If you want to choose the antique diamond cut I would suggest Victorian engagement ring.

These are all some of the engagement ring ideas. You can also find more latest Engagement ring designstrends on the internet.

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