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Make your own Atmospheres for KSP

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Make your own Atmospheres for KSP

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Haz 10 13:16

KSPatmospheres.xlsx is an Excel spreadsheet used to create atmospheric models for celestial bodies in Kerbal Space Program. It takes input from the user and automatically generates an entire Atmosphere node that can be copied and pasted into your Kopernicus configuration files. It implements the full array of atmosphere curves available to KSP modders. The user still has creative control over many aspects of the atmosphere, such as composition, surface pressure and temperature, but the complex number crunching is all done behind the scenes. There is no math required on the part of the user. Real life gas laws are used to create realistic pressure curves. An entire atmosphere can be completed in minutes.

For More You Can Check : Animated software overview video

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