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The Walking Dead: Where is this show headed?

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The Walking Dead: Where is this show headed?

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Tem 06 12:26

While I haven't watched since season four, I've kept up with the general aspects of what's been happening. And it seems as though…. the show isn't going anywhere.

It appears that the formula for TWD is:

Find shelter. Enter new threat. Defend onesself through merciless means. Repeat.

Its become a bit of a bore.

Many of the characters are one dimensional and easily dispensed of. Others have settled into perdicatabilty. And some are just going back and forth.

I imagine that it feels this way for me because there's no 'end goal' for our heroes. It's simply become a show about survival and how people can become extremely cruel under strange circumstances.

Its a show without any hope.

To me, whiteboard explainer video shows that have a clear end goal can really developed interesting characters. With an end goal clearly in mind, you can throw up obstacles, side track characters and the like, and it will remain interesting. Without that…you have a show like TWD.

Dont get me wrong, the show has its highlights and merits. But once I realized the path this show was taking, I couldn't stay on board.

It seems as though the point has become to shock us as viewers more than simply telling a good story. And I can't stand that.

Well, these are just my thoughts. What do you all think about TWD?

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