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Windows 10 will not sleep after magic packet Wake On Lan

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Windows 10 will not sleep after magic packet Wake On Lan

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Tem 07 11:36

When I freshly startup the machine it behaves normally. After a period of activity the screen turns off and the machine goes to sleep as per the power settings. All good! However, if I wake the machine using a magic packet over ethernet it goes into, what I affectionately call, Zombie Mode. The machine behaves normally but unless manually triggered will not go to sleep no matter how long the period of inactivity. I have left the machine with all programs closed on the desktop and come back hours later and it hasn't turned off the screen or shut down.

Things I have tried so far:
I've checked powercfg -requests multple times, it shows no stay awake requests
Disabled hibernation.
Disable waketimers.
Made sure power "Allow computer to sleep" under power config multimeda settings.
Using powercfg -requestsoverride what I thought was a process preventing sleep. Turned out htat process wasn't the cause?

I am truly at wits end. The key is definitely the use of Wake On Lan. If I restart the machine then everything behaves normal......untilt he next wakeonlan event!

Thank you

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