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Configure uTorrent

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Configure uTorrent

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Tem 05 15:55

Seven x64-bit after updating the torrent client to version 2.2.1 had problems with download speed, it has become very uneven ... after a series of adjustments carried out, Google to help us Smile (smile), achieved here such pictures

All the settings you can see in the accompanying screenshots, but some points need further explanation

after the installation (upgrade) uTorrent first of all go to the section Settings -> Installer (. Figure uTorrent_set_0) and there manually, in accordance with its tariff plan are putting speed impact , followed by n ultiple test (server chosen in the bandwidth ). After these steps, uTorrent will automatically set the optimal settings for your connection, save and exit this section, as explained in this teaser video

then go for bookmarks settings and set values for the screenshots. On the screen uTorrent_set_2 and uTorrent_set_4 configuration exhibited by uTorrent, after testing the line, so you may have other

built-in mechanism of its own cache (in uTorrent) disable, moreover the TOOLS folder nested reg-file to which the registry adds three key Lowering the priority torrent in operations with a hard drive (do not be afraid it is not a virus, and the reg-file can be opened to view any text editor).

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